ticket prices

metrobus uses a simple fare structure which makes it easier to buy tickets.

All existing First mTickets and paper tickets are valid on metrobus.

Ticket Adult Student / young person (16-21)Child (5-15)
Pack of 5 Single Trips (mTickets, iPoints, Travelcards)£10.00 (£2 / ticket)£7.00 (£1.40 / ticket)£5.00 (£1.00 / ticket)
Single journey (iPoints)£2.00£1.40£1.00
Single journey (mTickets)£2.07£1.47£1.06
Day (mTickets, iPoints, Travelcards)£4.00£3.00£2.00
Week (mTickets, iPoints, Travelcards)£17.00£12.00£8.50
Month (mTickets, iPoints, Travelcards)£66.00£46.20£33.00
Group (Unlimited travel for up to 5 people in the Bristol Zone for one day) (iPoints)£8.00
Day, week and month tickets can also be bought at First's Travel Shop in the Bristol Bus Station and>Paypoint stores.
Week and month tickets can also be bought online and sent to you by post.

buying tickets? that’s easy...

You need a valid ticket BEFORE getting on metrobus, as the driver will not be able to sell you one.

Buying your ticket before you get on metrobus means our boarding times are up to five times faster.

This, coupled with two sets of doors (one to get on, one to get off), means less delays and quicker journeys for everyone!

First mTicket

You can use the First mTicket app to travel on metrobus. You can buy a pack of five tickets from the app.

For help with the mTicket app, please contact First on 03300 947 577.

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A Travelcard is an electronic purse and ticket from Travelwest. Travelcards are accepted on all local bus services.

You can add money to your Travelcard either online or at an iPoint.

If you register your card and it’s then lost or stolen your Pay-As-You-Go credit and any tickets purchased online are protected and remaining credit will be transferred to your replacement card.

Order or top-up a Travelcard

metrobus iPoint

You can buy your ticket from an iPoint using a credit/debit card or by topping up a Travelcard.

iPoints are the combined ticket and information points at all our stops.

Find out about our iPoints

Rider tickets

BristolRider and Rider tickets are also accepted on metrobus services.

BristolRider and Rider are multi-operator tickets that gives you virtually unlimited travel on buses within the area.

You can load Rider tickets onto your Travelcard from Travelwest.

Find out about Rider tickets


Purchase a paper Day, Week or Month tickets from locations all across the region.

Find your nearest Paypoint store


Top up your Travelcard with a pack of 5 Singles, Day, Week and Month tickets from locations all across the region.

Find your nearest Payzone store

concessionary passes

English concessionary bus passes are accepted on all metrobus services. There’s no need for a separate ticket, just present your pass to the driver as you do on a regular bus.

You can use your pass to travel on any metrobus service Monday to Friday from 9am to 4am the next day and anytime Saturday, Sunday or public holidays.