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Tickets for metrobus follow First Bus’s fare structure and most tickets for First Bus services can also be used on metrobus. BristolRider tickets are also accepted. What’s more, all metrobus services operate within the Bristol Zone. Simple!

See further down the page for ticket prices. Find out how to buy tickets here.

Q. what ticket formats are available / can be used?

As well as paper tickets, metrobus accepts tickets loaded onto a travelwest Travelcard and the First Bus app.

The format in which a ticket is available / dispensed depends on the ticket type and where it’s purchased. For instance, one single or day ticket is only available as a paper ticket, whereas a pack of five single tickets is dispensed on a travelwest Travelcard.

Most ticket types are available for purchase from travelwest and in the First Bus app.

Q. are bus passes accepted?

English concessionary bus passes are all accepted after 09:00 (all day on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays).

Q. how much do children pay?

Children up to the age of 4 travel free.

Children between the ages of 5 and 15 travel for half the price of an adult.

ticket prices

 AdultStudent / young person (16-21)Child (5-15)Group (up to five people)
Single  (one journey)£2.25 (price the same for ipoint and mTicket)£1.60 (price the same for ipoint and mTicket)£1.15 (price the same for ipoint and mTicket)N/A
Day  (unlimited journeys on the day of purchase until 04:00 the next day)£4.50£3.15£2.25£9
Week (unlimited journeys for 7 days)£18.90£13.25£9.45N/A
Month (unlimited journeys for a calendar month)£72.60£50.80£36.30N/A
Pack of 5 singles£11.25£8£5.75N/A
BristolRider Day (find out more, here)£5£3.50£3.50N/A
BristolRider Week (find out more, here)£20£16.50£16.50N/A

Find out how to buy tickets here.