Metrobus iPoint in Bristol city centre

All our stops have an iPoint, a unique on-street information totem where you can buy your ticket before boarding the bus. If you use a Travelwest smartcard you can also top it up at an iPoint.

Buying your ticket before you travel means metrobus spends less time waiting at stops and more time on the move.

Our iPoints are a robust, secure and weather proofed state-of-the-art structure. They also display live bus arrival times and information about onward journeys and other bus services that use the stop.

collecting tickets bought online

The iPoint has a side reader and screen. Travelwest Smartcard users can use this to view products on their card and collect tickets purchased online from buytickets.travelwest.info.

Please allow two hours from ticket purchase before attempting collection.

To collect your tickets, simply place your smartcard into the holder on the side of the iPoint and the screen will highlight any new products which you have bought and have been added to your smartcard.

tickets available from iPoints

Bristol Rider (1 day) Adult
Bristol Rider (7 days) Adult
Bristol Rider Child (1 day)
Bristol Rider Child (7 days)
Avon Rider (1 day) Adult
Avon Rider (7 days) Adult
Avon Rider Child (1 day)
Avon Rider Child (7 days)
First Day Inner Adult Bristol
First Week Inner Adult Bristol
First Month Inner Adult Bristol
Short Hop Adult Bristol
Long Hop Adult Bristol
First Day Inner Student/YP Bristol
First Week Inner Student/YP Bristol
First Month Inner Student/YP Bristol
Short Hop Student/YP Bristol
Long Hop Student/YP Bristol
First Day Inner Child Bristol
First Week Inner Child Bristol
First Month Inner Child Bristol
Short Hop Child Bristol
Long Hop Child Bristol
First Day Inner Adult Bath
First Night Adult
First Night Student/YP
First Night Child
First Group ticket (5 people)

buying a ticket with cash

iPoints do not accept cash payments and neither do our buses.

Weekly, monthly and annual tickets can be bought with cash from Bristol bus station.

Someone can buy a ticket at an iPoint on your behalf using their bank card. For example, a parent can buy a ticket for a child in this way.

You can also pay for your ticket with cash at any Paypoint store.