frequently asked questions

Q. Why do I have to buy a ticket before boarding?

Buying your ticket before you get on the bus means boarding times are up to five times faster.

This, coupled with two sets of doors (one to get on, one to get off), means less delays and quicker journeys for everyone.

Q. Can I use the First mTicket app or a First ticket to travel on metrobus?

Yes. All First paper tickets and mTickets are accepted on Metrobus.

Q. Can I use my bus pass to travel on metrobus?

English concessionary bus passes are accepted on all Metrobus services.

There’s no need for a separate ticket, just present your pass to the driver as you do on a regular bus.

You can use your pass to travel on any Metrobus service Monday to Friday from 9am to 4am the next day and anytime Saturday, Sunday or public holidays.

Q. Where can I buy a metrobus ticket?

You can buy all Metrobus tickets at our iPoints. iPoints are the combined ticket and information points at every Metrobus stop.

You can also buy a ticket via the First Bus mTickets app.

Remember, the iPoints do not accept cash. If you do not have a bankcard you can buy tickets from any Paypoint store and Bristol bus station. First’s weekly, monthly and annual tickets can also be bought from Bristol bus station.

Q. How do I buy a ticket using an iPoint?

Use the iPoint touch screen to find and select the ticket type you require. When prompted, pay using a contactless or chip and pin bank card.

If you have a Travelwest smartcard insert it into the iPoint and your ticket will be added to it.

If you do not have a smartcard then, depending on the value of the ticket you have bought, you will be issued with either a smartcard containing your ticket or with a paper ticket.

Full instructions for using the iPoint are provided on the screen.

Q. How much does a metrobus ticket cost?

The Metrobus network is divided into two zones: a central zone (zone A) and an outer zone (zone B).

A single journey within one zone costs £1.50. A single journey across two zones costs £2.50.

Our Tickets page has more information on prices.

Q. How do I pay for my metrobus ticket?

You can pay by bank card at an iPoint at any Metrobus stop.

If you already have a Travelwest smartcard you buy a ticket online and add it to your smartcard at any iPoint.


Q. How do I buy a ticket if I don’t have a bank card or a smartphone?

Weekly, monthly and annual tickets can be bought with cash from Bristol bus station.

Someone can buy a ticket at an iPoint on your behalf using their bank card. For example, a parent can buy a ticket for a child in this way.

You can also pay for your ticket with cash at any Paypoint store.

Q. Where do I get a Travelwest smartcard?

You will be provided with smartcard when you buy an appropriate ticket from a Metrobus iPoint.

Smartcards are also available from Bristol bus station and the Travelwest website.

Q. Are there more metrobus services after the m3?

The m2 starts in autumn 2018 and the m1 starts in January 2019.

Bristol City Council, North Somerset Council and South Gloucestershire Council are currently looking at other potential Metrobus routes. These routes will connect the network to other parts of the city region. The first new route is the Cribbs Patchway Extension which is due to open in 2021.

Q. How are metrobus services operated?

First West of England and Bristol Community Transport operate Metrobus services under contract to Bristol City Council, South Gloucestershire Council and North Somerset Council.

Metrobus services are run entirely on a commercial basis via a Quality Partnership Scheme. The Scheme is a contract between the councils and the operators. It sets minimum standards for frequencies, quality of vehicles and maximum fares and is supported by a Voluntary Partnership Agreement with the bus operators.